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Working with Startups to Fortune 500 Clients

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Avadium Design is a Product Design and Branding Specialist

Avadium’s wealth of knowledge covers the world's major industries and the most crucial business issues. Our broad range of expertise and innovative approach to finding solutions have led us to develop new ideas that quickly become the standard. Our objective is not simply to apply best practice, but to invent it. We think creatively and partner with our clients to solve their toughest challenges.

We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create a lasting competitive advantage. We create solutions and develop new insights, drive tangible results, and improve companies. Avadium’s proven experience and expertise ensure the most effective results to meet your strategy and your needs. Our expertise in product design, advertising, marketing and packaging allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge to your projects. We have a passion for design and a commitment to our clients. We work hard to bring you success!

Leadership - Mario Esquer

Mario Esquer is the president and founder of Avadium Design. He started the firm in 2009 when he had an opportunity to create a leading business management consulting firm within Arizona. Before heading up Avadium Design, Mario was a strategic partner with Distoric Design Group and a Design Manager for PetSmart. He has designed products for many leading clients including Intel, Glaxo Smith Kline, PetSmart and others. He has worked with them redefining the competitive landscapes in their industries. He has also led many strategic brand initiatives, and transformed ideas into successful products and services. Mario graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a minor in business. He has served as the vice-chairman for IDSA Arizona. Today he works extensively among his clients and improving the design industry. Team Avadium’s team is made up of designers, engineers, business consultants and marketing specialists. We also utilize a network of contractors with specific backgrounds as experts on specific projects.


Avadium was founded in 2009 to help companies design and develop innovative products and superior branding.

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Design Services:

  • Industrial Design
  • Product Design and Development
  • Branding and Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing



Avadium Design located in Scottsdale, Arizona is a leading industrial product design consulting firm specializing in product design, industrial design, packaging design, graphic design, marketing and branding.


Avadium Design
5425 E. Bell Rd., Suite 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA
P: (602) 405-0545


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